General Information

You’re looking for a team? You have a talent you want to put to use? Look no further. In ArcticGaming everyone is welcome as a member and through the variety in our community there are many possibilities for you to integrate yourself in the way you want to. To learn more, ask questions, or to connect with us, head over to our Discord (channel #questions). See you online!

We are a Swiss eSports organisation founded in 2015. It all started with two LoL teams and a coach. We had a unique structure to practice and improve. We grew further and became an important part of Swiss esports, supporting competitive players in various games. Another focus is to discover talents and give them an opportunity by providing them infrastructure and an esports family.

More than a community – a family

We do not want to be just any other organisation, we are a community. We work together to achieve a common goal, which is supporting our members! We strive for a good structure and a healthy division of work. The Swiss esports scene is still in its baby shoes and plenty of volunteer work is needed to change this. The executive board and staff of ArcticGaming have a guiding function to tackle eSport problems and to improve the scene further.

Our Activities during a year

We participate in as many Tournaments, Lan-Parties, Leagues and Exhibitions as we are able to. Besides our gaming activities we engage in a number of community events to strengthen our team spirit. The extraordinary general assembly combined with our christmas dinner is always a highlight, it usually takes place in December. An Arctic year starts in July and ends in June, therefore we hold the official general assembly in July. Hot tempered discussions are rewarded with a sweet barbecue and maybe even a swim in the Aare.

“We are not just gaming nerds.” We prove this every year by participating in football tournaments, hikes or other activities.