Can I join the community?

You can join our community by getting in touch with us on our Discord! If you are interested to join our association, you then need to apply and be accepted by the board.

Where is ArcticGaming originating from?

The founders of ArcticGaming are from in and around Olten. Therefore, the association was registered as an official association in the Olten registrar. Nowadays, the members are scattered all over Switzerland.

Can I join ArcticGaming as a player?

Generally, our organisation has a handful contracted esports teams and a some community teams. If we are looking for a player, we usually announce it on our socials. However, in our community everyone is welcome. If you are looking to build a team or apply for our contracted teams, feel free to join our Discord (#questions).

Is ArcticGaming offering paid opportunities?

Currently, we are 100% a volunteer organisation. All board and staff members do not get paid. We are always short on staff. If you are interested feel free to contact us on Discord (#questions). There are many benefits to volunteering. Firstly, you are able to hone and train many different skills. Secondly, you get to work with and meet cool people!