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ElderByte is specialised in highly distributed software systems and cloud. As such, they provide consulting and solution engineering for software projects. They have identified that long term dependencies on technology stacks and on vendors is the primary issue for companies which want to have a very innovative IT infrastructure. Their solutions are engineered to reduce such dependencies to the minimum. Using innovative, cloud ready system architectures such as Microservices and open technology standards, they effectively avoid lock-ins.


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Allianz is an European financial services company headquartered in Munich, Germany. Its core businesses are insurance and asset management. Allianz Suisse provides several services in provision, legal protection, mortgages.

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As the largest Swiss web hosting provider, Hostpoint hosts more than 250,000 websites and maintains one of the most modern and stable infrastructures available. Hostpoint experts advise and assist private individuals and SMEs on a daily basis and all data is stored in Switzerland. This means your platform is effective and secure.

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LOCK AND LOAD is the largest organizer of Esports events in Central Switzerland. For over 10 years the association has been promoting and organizing events around gaming and esports. The goal is always to bring players together and to organize tournaments on a professional level. In total, over 3000 national and international players have already taken part in the LOCK AND LOAD on-side events.