ElderByte is a Swiss software company that is specialized in highly distributed software systems and cloud. The young company provides consulting, development and solution engineering for software projects. They have identified that long-term dependencies on tech stacks and vendors often prevent companies from having an innovative IT infrastructure. By using cloud-ready architectures such as microservices and open technology standards, they effectively avoid lock-ins. This enables their customers to pursue a highly agile software strategy and gain a competitive advantage.

ElderByte is the official head sponsor of ArcticGaming! They support us since the very beginning of our association (2015) ♡


Hostpoint is the largest web hosting provider in Switzerland, managing more than a million domain names and maintaining one of the most state-of-the-art, stable infrastructures available. Their mission is to offer their customers a simple environment that lets them create and manage both simple and complex internet projects independently. To achieve this goal, creative, motivated and helpful specialists are needed.

Hostpoint is an official sponsor of ArcticGaming since 2018! ♡
They support our association by providing us with a state of the art hosting and email solution.

Lock and Load is an official partner of ArcticGaming since 2019! ♡